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Our first step towards our approvals to build has come as a unanimously in-favor vote by neighbors who were present at this month’s neighborhood advisory council zoning meeting.

There’s still a good deal of work to do before we break ground, but we’re excited to have the support of our neighbors in creating K’House.

  • Erick

    Congrats! Neighborhood approval can be quite the obstacle. Cohousing remains a foreign, daunting idea for many people. As for the “good deal of work” that lies ahead, try the new edition of Creating Cohousing : Building Sustainable Communities by Chuck Durrett and Katie McCamant. They coined cohousing in the US and included case studies of North American and European communities. It’s definitely a great resource for understanding the process, challenges, and rewards of cohousing.

    • alexknowshtml

      Thanks for the congratulations and the recommendation, Erick!