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Nic and I each spent some time last week talking to Rachel Vigoda who writes for the “Home” section of the Metro here in Philly. This is an exciting new section of the press for us to be involved in, since we’re used to showing up in “tech” and, even more often, “business”.

Rachel did a nice job of summarizing the K’House, with a couple of important quotes in particular:

The goal is to build relationships first, Hillman explains. “It’s not speed-dating, pressure-cooker networking. It’s organic.”

“We want to bring new positive energy to the neighborhood, but we’re just as interested in finding the great things that are already there,” Hillman says.

Nic also got a great sound bite:

“A lot of cohousing communities eat dinner together a few times a week, or other things like that. But all that stuff gets decided by the community, not by us. We just make it possible,” says Nic Darling of Postgreen. “Philadelphia is sort of stuck on the single-family row home — we like to find different ways to test that.”

Pick up a copy of the Metro or read the whole piece online here.